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Welcome to my blog!

I hope you enjoy my photography posts. I have been photographing portraits, weddings, events, and fine art for over fifteen years now.

I am based in central New Jersey though travel everywhere. Please contact me to find out more. I'd love to hear from you. Check back often for new posts!

Thank you for stopping by!  ~Jenifer


Handmade Doll Furniture by my mother ~ NJ Photographer

My mother, JoAnne, has an eye for painting, collages, pressed arrangements and wood working. Her father and grandfather were boat builders in New Jersey, so she was inspired and influenced by their wood-working skills. She and my father created and sold wood projects together in their earlier years of marriage. And Mom handcrafted doll furniture for my sister and me in the 1970’s (pictured here). :)

Currently my mother is at home with us struggling with cancer. We have been working hard to help her with a regimen of alternative treatments for over 5 years. She has been very strong and motivated during this time, but, very sadly, things have changed now. It seems that one of the few things that has been lighting up her eyes and smile most these past months, has been showing off her doll furniture to anyone that visits her. She really enjoys watching their cool reaction. So, we decided to properly document and share this, to help her realize what a special, imaginative, creative person she has been for over 60 years…

Mom made the vase, and all of the dishes and lamps while she was in high school in the 70’s. She made everything in these photographs, except the carpet, flooring and cardboard backgrounds. She wanted me to be sure that I showed how the drawers and doors all opened well :) The master bed has a double-sided quilt, and she even made sheets, pillows and the mattress!! To give you an idea of scale, the largest pieces in the photos (table, hutch, refrigerator, bed) average around 5-8 inches.

We love you very much, Mom, and we’re so excited to show you your first blog post featuring your adorable doll furniture!  :) Thank you for sharing your gifts with us…

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